I have a large repertoire of stories suitable for all ages and most themes.

These shows are longer pieces aimed at adults – including solo shows and collaborations with other artists

Travelling Together

This is the story of a young woman’s quest for stories.  It’s the tale of Jack on an adventure.  It’s a story of truth and tradition, the power of fire and how stories are always relevant, because at their heart, people don’t change.  It’s about endless cigarettes, special brew, learning to drive and hunting limpets. It is the story of an unlikely friendship and how a Shropshire teenager learned to drive chauffeuring a Scots Traveller to the pub. 

Amy Douglas remembers her apprenticeship with Scottish Traveller and storytelling legend, Duncan Williamson

Solo show, two 45 minute halves. Aimed at an adult audience, recommended for 10+

Raucous Norse

Swearing, drinking, murder, sex, violence, a god tying his unmentionables to a goat for cheap laughs, and ‘a tidal wave of giant’s p*ss’ are all part of this bawdy and rowdy collection of authentic Viking myths that don’t normally make it to polite family viewing.

Amy Douglas joins up with award-winning storyteller Jason Buck for this evening of lewd legends, and a peep behind the curtain at the back of mead hall of the Norse Gods.

“Amy is a passionate and get down dirty performer and servant to the art of storytelling. If you find something exciting and out of the box going on, there’s a good chance she is behind it”. Tracey Collins

“If you haven’t see Jason, it’s worth it, just to see his impression of a sexy horse”, Lorna, Derbyshire.

Ages: Adult and teen (14+)

Wild Edric – A Marriage beyond the Mortal

Edric guards the gates. He sleeps through time, deathless and watchful, the wild, rugged spirit of South Shropshire.  Like the land he is untamed, beautiful and dangerous.  He is the Sleeping King, Leader of the Wild Hunt, the bridge between the mortal world and the land of fairy.  This is the story of our borderlands, a tangled story of love and war, loss and redemption that resonates in the bones of the land.

Wild Edric is one of the strongest, most enduring and pervasive characters in Shropshire Folklore. This piece finally brings together all the threads of legend, anecdote, history and tradition of Edric’s story.
It is the story of 1066, the defiance of the Normans and the changes that swept the land

Lucy Wells, Accordionist
Lucy has a background in music, community and healing arts.  She has a deep connection with the natural world and is a pioneer in the advancement of plant spirit medicine, she is also an initiated Fire keeper with the Sacred Fire community, a global movement of people dedicated to raising awareness of the living nature of the world and elemental forces.  Lucy has a deep interest in indigenous culture where stories are a part of learning to navigate the world and a commitment to bringing a lighter hearted awareness through listening to the incessant stream of story and song that runs through everything.

Wild Edric – A Marriage beyond the Mortal is a celebration through music, story, harmony and laughter of the love Amy and Lucy have for South Shropshire, the majesty of the landscape; and the richness of legend, history and  tradition to be found in this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Two x 45 minute halves. Suitable for age 12+

The Green Road

Two parallel worlds, tangled yet separate, only the green road bridges the gap. 

This is a story of time shifts, bold rescues, accordion music, quantum physics and fairies. 

There have always been whispers of the other world and the dangers of crossing its borders, but are they more than stories?

Is science catching up?

Perilous and beautiful, mysterious and alluring, the green road beckons.

Amy Douglas and Lucy Wells. Two x 45 minute halves. Age 12+