Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an amazing, creative space to play in! I’m experimenting with Reality Boffins to see how we can keep the intimacy and imagination of storytelling, while playing with the exciting possibilities this space opens up!

YouTube 360 Launch!

The Rivers of Story YouTube 360 videos are now all on my YouTube channel, Taking The Tradition On.

Don’t forget you can use your cursors to look around if watching on a computer – or use your smartphone and a cardboard viewer to get the VR effect.

Click for the link to the Rivers of Story playlist – a quartet of stories celebrating the rivers and communities of the Welsh Marches

Rivers of Story – launched on World Storytelling Day!

Here is the link if you would like to upload it to your Oculus Quest 2 –!AknOsqcHX8sgnIQQhXIJxqYynEi4BQ?e=WPHRjI

Free Event as part of The Borderlines Film Festival

Flyer for Rivers of Story – Step in, sit down and be immersed in a world of story and shadow

A storyteller greets you by the fire.  Her words flow, connecting past and present, people and place, as the rivers themselves flow through our counties, connecting our communities.

The oldest of artforms meets cutting edge technology by a timeless fire in a world of possibility and magic.

ThIs piece celebrates the folklore of rivers, our dependency on them and how they weave their way in an out of our lives and history… but it also highlights the problems that our rivers face, that they are under threat, polluted and their biodiversity failing.

Commissioned by Invisible Arts Networ, created by storyteller Amy Douglas, Lucy Wells and Reality Boffins.

With special thanks for their time, knowledge, stories and generosity to:

Chris Smith, otherwise known as Walter Brick, one half of Brick Shed, a fantastic band from Herefordshire – have a listen! Chris grew up on the banks of the River Frome (pronounced Frummy by locals). Chris is a Traveller, musician and full of stories. I’m very grateful for his memories of growing up with his neice, Jenny and allowing me to include some of them in ‘The Mermaid of Marten’

Piotr Szafranski – who has moved from Poland to become part of the community and make his home in Herefordshire. His journey is a beautiful story that I am honoured to tell alongside the dragons of Krakow and Mordiford.

A shadow dragon parades by the river


apk file to load via SideQuest onto the Oculus Quest 2 –!AknOsqcHX8sgnIQQhXIJxqYynEi4BQ?e=WPHRjI

If you are considering investing in an Oculus Quest, if you use this referral link, you will get £23 to spend on games – and so will I: