Reviews and Testimonials

Buzz Magazine, July 2021

‘We began on the Friday with an in-person story walk led by Amy Douglas and Fiona Collins, who were equally tremendous. The duo’s personability and clear talent, visible even to those less versed in live storytelling like this reviewer, made for a delightful initiation.’


I’d heard of Amy as a local storyteller but hadn’t actually heard her until we discovered Super Great Kids Stories online (long car journey life saver!) We’ve really enjoyed listening, she has a captivating style – her telling of tales are highly recommended by 2yo, 5yo and 35yo! Jessica Laurie

Amy has the whole room captivated when she is telling a story but it always seems as though she is just speaking to you. She always transports you to the world she is describing along with the fascinating characters she creates involved in the ideas and adventures she weaves us through. She also makes great cake! Jo Pritchard, BLAST! listener

Amy is a passionate and get down dirty performer and servant to the art of storytelling. If you find something exciting and out of the box going on, there’s a good chance she is behind it. Tracey Collins, Wild About Story

Not only a fantastic storyteller but an energetic advocate for storytelling in all its forms, Amy works tirelessly to promote depth, breadth and diversity in the storytelling community Katherine Soutar-Caddick, History Press Folk Tales Series Illustrator

I love Amy’s storytelling style because she interacts with the audience in such a direct and engaging way – there’s nothing pretentious about her approach, she has a simple, down to earth warmth and humour which makes listening to her so easy and enjoyable Kay Cook

Amazing superwoman of oral storytelling. Amy Douglas is tireless in promoting the art. She fosters the creativity of others while also having a hugely accomplished repertoire of her own. Her work is grounded in an appreciation of the roots of storytelling and always respectful of its origins. But as well as this she explores groundbreaking new initiatives which are taking storytelling into new and exciting realms Sarah S Deco

Listening to Amy tell folktales is like meeting up over the garden fence of the best ever neighbor in town, as she takes me into her confidence and we enjoy a cuppa together. Almost immediately, I’m leaning in to what she has to say – and if she raises an eyebrow or widens her eyes, I find I’m hooked and raising my brow, widening my eyes in response. I so love her matter-of-fact style, her natural and conversational tone. And I never get the sense she’s self-consciously “acting” a character either; with Amy, it’s more like the characters just come forward to be themselves…. with her in tow. All in all, Amy is pretty darn masterful, entertaining, and a wonderful and humble carrier of rich folktales. This woman can sing too! Beautifully. Renditions of lovely folksongs, and in a way that pulls me back in time onto the land of their origin, and, that has me convinced I can smell rosemary in her hair. Love your storytelling, Amy! Caroline Cumming

Amy Douglas is an extremely skilled storyteller who is capable of taking her audience deep into the landscape of the tales she tells. There is a depth and resonance to her work which comes from her love of the material. Her telling is grounded in the very bones of the land we live in Carl Merry

Amy takes me with her to other worlds Thierra Greylind

Amy is the “absolute goat” when it comes to telling tales!!! I am informed by my offspring that the phrase “absolute goat” is a trendy compliment but you might wanna check that before you quote me xxxx Elaine Mendoza

G.O.A.T Greatest Of All Time. And Amy is certainly one of the greatest of all time Shonaleigh Cumbers

Not only an amazing storyteller, but also funny! Ida Thoene

Amy Douglas brings stories alive and always makes me feel as she’s telling this one just for me. Her knowledge, experience and passion underpin tales told with warmth, humour, power and baskets full of love. If I could be a tiny fraction of the teller she is my job would be done. Amy Douglas, the real deal. 😘😘😘 Cindylou Turner-Taylor

Amy Douglas is one of the leading lights of the contemporary storytelling scene. Her long-term commitment to traditional story stands her in good stead as a compelling performer. Recommended! Clare Mace

I remember you telling us stories under the shooting stars in Aberdaron . A tale of a seal spirit that transported me to another timezone . So evocative was the story and your telling. Accompanied by the crackles of the fire. Only briefly met you in passing but still remember this night vividly . Excellent storytelling xx Louise Dwyer

Amy Douglas is not just an amazing storyteller but she is incredibly generous and kind in supporting new voices in the storytelling world Chandrika Joshi

Amy is a warm and engaging storyteller with a huge depth of knowledge on traditional tales Roisin Murray

Amy knows story. She knows the stuff story is made from and she knows how to shape, shine and show the stuff of story to any listener. A magical woman – sit, listen and wonder A-Bee Palache