Taking The Tradition On

As well as my regular zoom conversations, which are all archived on YouTube, I release occasional podcasts, here are links to the feeds, with more details further down the page

Guest Appearances on other podcasts:

Grow through what you go through

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Sal Tonge chats to Amy Douglas, about the changes she has made in her practice to accommodate new ways of working and Technology plus being a working performance artist & mum.

Super Great Kids’ Stories Podcast

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Dragonfly Tales Podcast

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To listen click here


The Lore of the Land – BBC Radio 4

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Lore and Legend – Tales from our Mythic Past


Folklore, Food and Fairytales Podcast

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Taking My White Privilege On – Episode Two

In this episode I talk to Casey Bailey, the Birmingham Poet Laureate. It’s a wide-ranging conversation, but Casey is an Assistant Head Teacher and we naturally focus on education – and whether our education system is managing to be as fair and equal as it ought to be…  

Listen to the whole episode here: 


First Episode of the New Series is out now!

Taking my white privilege on begins with a conversation with my cousin, amazing graffiti artist, Graham Cleland.  He talks about his experiences growing up in County Durham and the inspiring work he is doing with local young people and working for the Church of England

Coming Soon!  Narrating the Future Podcasts

As part of my ‘Narrating the Future’ Arts Council England bid, I’m currently recording a series of podcasts with black artists from different backgrounds and working in different art forms, to find out more about their colour has affected their lives and opportunities and what white artists – and the white community in general – can do to create a more equal world.  Watch this space!

Taking the Tradition On with Helen East – what made Duncan Williamson so important within British storytelling?

I’m very excited to release my first full length podcast – it’s been a steep learning curve, but I’m really pleased how it’s turned out. I visited Helen East to talk about Duncan, what he was like and why his legacy is still important and relevant today.

So here it is – 45 minutes (ish) of Jack tales and selkies; why Duncan would have been part of Extinction Rebellion and how to shoe a horse with a car tyre.

Search for ‘Taking the Tradition On’ on all major podcast platforms or follow the link here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/takingthet…/Helen_East_Podcast.mp3

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My first podcast is out!

This is a first short podcast while I work out the technology, but hopefully you’ll like and there is a great story from Duncan!

You can download it here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/takingthetraditionon/First_podcast_final_with_Thomas_the_Thatcher.mp3

Or my podcast series is ‘Taking the Tradition On’ and you should be able to find it on all major download sites – here are a couple of links:


Coming soon!

As part of my ACE funded project I’m going to be producing a series of podcasts – sharing what I discover on Duncan’s tapes; interviewing eminent artists whose work has been strongly influenced by Duncan; sharing memories, anecdotes and jokes and exploring topics such as how to earn, learn and tell material from a culture that is not your own and transferring skills from one tradition to another

My Zoom and mics have arrived and I can’t wait to head down to London on 22nd October.  Cecil Sharpe House are kindly giving me the use of a room so I can have a day of podcast training with the marvellous Hannah Hethmon.